Dedication that pays off

Our company values of motivation, a sense of responsibility, reliability and commitment stem from the original transport company that was founded 40 years ago and are more important than ever in our future-oriented Sieber group today.

We invest a great deal in our employees and we expect them in turn to take advantage of our offer of training and further education. It is not for nothing that we have even established our own academy where, for example, we provide driver and forklift driver training. In addition, we offer management training and language development internally within the company.

We want all of our employees to constantly improve their performance in the interests of the customer, so that we can continue to develop a little more each day.

This of course includes a highly service-oriented attitude and the ability to think in a way that is cross-linked and always goes one step further. If you are flexible and can work well under pressure, you will enjoy being part of our team.

People with vision and who set their own goals are most welcome. We like to be inspired, and we are always delighted to receive new ideas from employees from all areas of the company. Surprise us.