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Outbound Solutions
Outbound Solutions
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Secure, on-time logistics to your consignees.

Tailor-made for your company & your customers.

So that your customers can rely on you

Satisfied customers, efficient processes and fast deliveries. We secure your distribution channels for the long term. Thanks to intelligent outbound solutions that fit your industry perfectly.  

On time for your customers

We simply get it right for you. Whether for air, sea or road transportation: the close integration of log hub, fast customs clearance and highly qualified staff enables us to make particularly efficient deliveries to your consignees. 

Cost optimization included

Logistics that save you money. We stand for optimized logistics processes. That’s why we monitor your transport solutions continuously. The result: Even more efficient logistics that save process and transportation costs, and make targeted use of synergies. With optimized processes for all your goods traffic. 

The right outbound solution for you

Find what suits you best more quickly. With Sieber Outbound Solutions, we offer you four differentiated and flexible products for your company. So that you always get exactly the solution that suits your needs.

And the best thing: Thanks to GOgreen, we make your transportation particularly resource-efficient.

The four products from Outbound Solutions


Tightly synchronized production processes and international supply chains: manufacturing companies need a strong partner at their side. With our outbound solution, we ensure that your products reach your customers quickly and in line with their needs.

Secure a permanent commitment to your deadline: We know the needs of contractors very well. That is why we rely on individual order management. So that your products are always delivered on time.

Strong teams for your logistics: thanks to our global and national networks, we ensure that your products reach your customers on time.

  • One contact for the entire distribution
  • Maximum flexibility & cost efficiency
  • Reliable supply chain logistics to your goods recipients
  • Global networks & strategically located warehouses


Chemical products and hazardous goods place very special requirements on your logistics. Strict storage requirements and all applicable safety and transportation regulations must be consistently considered and implemented.

The solution for your company: we help you to move chemical products and additives to your customers correctly, safely and on time.
Our approach: specific solutions tailored to your industry and all legal requirements.

We work for well-known manufacturers of chemical products. Whether in the automotive, plastics, textile and construction industries or for leading companies in agriculture: We create the right solution for every company. Within Switzerland and internationally.

Safely at your destination: All Chemicals transport solutions guarantee the implementation and compliance with strict and internationally valid safety standards. So that your chemical goods arrive safely and undamaged at the consignee.

  • Compliance with all dangerous goods regulations
  • Flexible & international transport network
  • Proven security expertise
  • Fast customs clearance

Healthcare & Pharma

The secure solution for technical devices in the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare sectors: We provide you with sustainable and flexible delivery solutions. Directly from stock and with optional, attractive additional services.

Guaranteed added value for your customers: we can install and configure your devices directly on site if required. With expert handover – worldwide and fast.

We provide you with competent support: Our employees are technically trained thanks to specific training courses. This enables us to provide sustainable support to your staff when setting up the equipment.

Worldwide advantages: and because we work with specialized companies around the world, we can also provide you with optimum support abroad.

Faster, to where it is needed: multimodal transportation, international networks and fast customs clearance secure your logistics. We combine efficient air and sea freight, as well as road transportation to create a flexible solution for your company. 

  • Global transportation networks
  • Efficient air, sea & road transportation
  • Monitoring & Tracking
  • Competent customs clearance

Energy & Construction

It keeps the world and our industry moving: energy is one of the key elements of our time. That is why their reliable logistics are particularly important. With our Energy & Construction solutions, we consistently secure your transportation. With strong networks, optimized supply chains and global transport hubs.

Designed for Energy: Whether solar systems, important preliminary products for wind turbines, batteries or fuel cells: we always work out a customized solution for you. Including advisory project management and strong support.

Teamwork for every design: thanks to our proven expertise, we are also your reliable logistics partner in all areas of construction. Whether parquet floors, façade constructions and acoustic elements or building materials and important building services – we have the right solution for your company.

  • Optimized supply chain
  • Project management & support
  • Efficient & on-time deliveries
  • International logistics & transport hubs

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