How we think
How we think


Our mission – your needs

We internalise the needs of our customers and then, working with them, we develop the ideal solutions. Therefore, we consider ourselves as not only a transport services provider, but as a strong partner for our customers and a link in their value chain.

Thus, with our supply chain solutions, we ensure that we will achieve the best for our customers and – in the interests of service excellence – always a bit more.

Our mission – collective quality

It goes without saying that our services also have ISO 9001 QM certification. The corresponding certificates for these are available in our download service. It is very important to us that our employees incorporate our quality management into all aspects of their work.

Our mission – our passion

Our mission is characterised by our passion for logistics and accompanies us everywhere, along with our motto “the way of logistics”. This passion for what we do and the way that we consistently live our values is expected from all of our employees.

Our mission – our corporate culture

The Sieber Group is in the unique position to combine the values and corporate culture of a traditional family business with the competitive ability and professionalism of an international company.

Our company values of motivation, a sense of responsibility, reliability, and commitment stem from the original transport business that was founded in the 1970s and still bear fruit in our future-oriented company of today.


Responsibility to our employees and to society

As one of the leading Swiss companies in the logistics area, we regard ourselves as being bound to the principles of corporate social responsibility. Our decisions in the company are characterised by this social responsibility.

Thanks to the many sites that we operate, we also create a large number of attractive jobs. We instruct trainees in many different kinds of careers and then ensure that they receive constant further education. It is of great personal concern to us to foster sustainable interaction with the people within our company and in the surrounding environment.

Responsibility towards our environment

Environmental protection and the responsible treatment of resources are important basic prerequisites for the true incorporation of sustainability.

As a matter of course, our transport fleet is state-of-the-art and is exemplary in terms of economy, ecology, and safety equipment. We reduce the emissions by using the latest technologies and through targeted training for our employees.

Small details can sometimes also help to reduce emissions, e.g. washing the vehicles with rainwater instead of valuable drinking water.

Our most effective environmental protection measure, however, lies in improving your logistics and transport processes. An increase in efficiency naturally leads to less intensive transportation, so this also improves the environmental balance. Therefore, you profit from leaner processes and the environment benefits from a reduction in CO2.

Each means of transportation has its clear advantages. Hence, we also focus on the environmentally friendly rail haulage system, and we provide combined options for our customers. Many of our sites are linked with each other via rail connections. 

Responsibility to the company

In order to ensure the long-term existence of the company, we always strive to achieve sufficient company profits. Only a healthy economic base will allow us to protect our social and environmental interests.