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Reducing the burden on the environment and ensuring sustainable merchandise management at the same time: With GOgreen, we are already reducing emissions and saving valuable resources to great effect.

As an international logistics partner, we are pursuing an ambitious goal: The continuous improvement of our CO2 footprint – up to the net-zero target in 2050. And with GOgreen, we successfully set the course for this many years ago.

Green logistics and Sieber!

Our conviction: The global movement of goods can be rendered sustainable. In order to achieve this, we rely on environmentally friendly technologies and smart ideas.

From rail transport at night, to the continuous expansion of our electric fleet: Innovative solutions – such as our telematics and transport management systems – are already enabling significant savings in emissions.

Immediate solutions for CO2 compensation

It is time to act, right now: We can, therefore, measure all emissions generated during transportation on a shipment-specific basis and offset these precisely in our certified environmental protection projects. Directly, and without any detours.

And because environmental protection requires genuine transparency, we have had our CO2 footprint (Scope 1, 2, 3) certified by the renowned Swiss Climate for several years now.

GOgreen Environmental Management

Fossil resources are finite. That’s why we need smart solutions: With GOgreen environmental management, we see ourselves as a pioneer and trendsetter in the field of sustainability, right from the start.

Combined transport, state-of-the-art drive technologies and our ever-growing electric fleet are just one part of our strategy. By using regenerative assets – such as solar and wind energy – we are also laying the foundations for increasingly environmentally friendly merchandise management. However, we want more.

Software and computer-aided concepts already enable us to effectively reduce empty runs and plan routes with much greater efficiency.

Our combined rail transport relieves the burden on roads and the environment. In doing so, we ensure that many emissions are not produced in the first place.

GOgreen Smart Ideas

Sustainable action begins in everyday life. That is why we rely on our employees’ potential. This is because the best concepts are created directly in the field.

With GOgreen Smart Ideas, we introduce all ideas both big and small for resource-saving work directly into our company.

For this reason, regular training is an important component of our sustainability strategy. For example, our commitment to consumption-optimized driving has enabled us to reduce fleet consumption by almost 40% over the last 15 years. And we are working every day to become even better in this area.

Another example of the GOgreen Smart Ideas:Our rainwater-fed truck wash enables us to largely dispense with the use of precious drinking water. The result: significant savings on this important resource.

GOgreen Projects for CO2 compensation

Make your transportation more sustainable today: Together with Swiss Climate, we have established exciting projects to deliver effective CO2 compensation for you.

Our focus: the reforestation of forest areas in Switzerland and in Europe. You can support the following projects today, and thus immediately offset emissions:

Sustainable management and climate protection in the Swiss forest

Protecting nature and biodiversity, right on our “doorstep”: With this project, we are ensuring the sustainable management of over 7,000 hectares of forest in the Swiss canton of Schwyz.

In addition to continuous CO2 storage, wood is also produced for the purpose of renewable and climate-neutral energy generation.

This preserves essential habitats and enables the forest to maintain its protective function against natural hazards. More information.

Green energy from sawdust in Bulgaria

Clean energy for lower emissions: In this climate project, sawdust from our own production is used to generate climate-neutral water vapor. The electricity subsequently generated is used on site for paper production.

The advantage: Fossil energy sources can thus be almost completely saved, and the environment is noticeably deburdened in the process.

Especially beautiful: This project was one of the few in Europe to be awarded the coveted Gold Standard by the WWF.

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