Conditions of participation

The minimum requirements are defined in the Sieber Academy course descriptions. In order to achieve the best possible learning outcome for each participant, the minimum requirement for language skills is level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 

Payment of the course fee

Following successful registration, participants will receive a confirmation of registration, as well as course documents and the invoice. The course fees must be paid before the course begins. In exceptional cases, a cash payment can be made on the day of the course in consultation with executive management of the Sieber Academy. Payment shall entitle the participant to take part in the course. The course certificate or training confirmation will only be issued after payment of the full invoice amount. If the Sieber Academy is unable to receive full payment, the course certificate or training confirmation will not be dispatched. The vocational training and further training are, therefore, assessed as not having been carried out. 


For paper invoices, the Sieber Group charges a per-invoice surcharge of CHF 2.50 excluding VAT (invoice dispatch Switzerland/Liechtenstein) or CHF 4.50 excluding VAT (international dispatch). As a free, sustainable and digital alternative, it is possible to receive invoices by e-mail in PDF form. 

Course organization

For organizational reasons, the Sieber Academy reserves the right to postpone (or combine) classes, change the venue or cancel courses in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If a course leader is unavailable, executive management of the Sieber Academy may change the course leader, appoint a substitute or cancel the course altogether. 

Course locations and implementation

In order to be able to run Sieber Academy courses in an optimal fashion, a minimum and maximum number of participants is set for each course. Course places will be allocated in the order in which registrations are received (subject to timely payment). If the number of participants is deemed insufficient, the course will generally not be held, and the course fee will be waived or refunded. If a class is under-subscribed, the Sieber Academy may, in individual cases, run the course subject to the agreement of the course participants, but the course fee must be increased accordingly. 

Course exclusion

Executive management of the Sieber Academy reserves the right to exclude one or more participants from a course for good cause (inappropriate behavior, intentional damage to property, etc.). The course fee will not be refunded in the event of course exclusion. 


Deregistration from a course involves administrative effort. Depending on the time of deregistration, the course fee may be waived in whole or in part. The Sieber Academy requires the participant to cancel the course in writing. The date of receipt of the letter to the Sieber Academy is deemed to be the date of receipt. Non-payment of the course fee does not constitute deregistration. The waiver (or refund) of the course fee is regulated as follows; a processing fee of CHF 50.00 excluding VAT will be charged in all cases:

Date of deregistration – Refund fee 

Up to 22 calendar days before the start of the course – 100% of the course fee 

Between 21 and 15 calendar days before the start of the course – 80% of the course fee 

Between 14 and 8 calendar days before the start of the course – 50% of the course fee 

Between 7 and 2 calendar days before the start of the course – 20% of the course fee 

Up to 1 calendar day before the start of the course – 0% of the course fee 

After the start of the course (or in the event of absences during the course), there shall be no entitlement to a refund or reduction of the course fee. In cases of hardship and on the basis of a written request, executive management may grant permission to make up missed lessons. In the event of deregistration due to illness before (!) the start of the course, registration may be permitted if a valid and written medical certificate is presented. Otherwise, the course costs must be paid in full. In this case too, a processing fee of CHF 50.00 excluding VAT will be charged. 

Insurance / Liability

For all courses and events organized by the Sieber Academy, any liability for damages incurred is excluded. Course participants take part in the courses at their own risk, and shall be responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance cover. They are liable to the extent permitted by law for all personal injury and property damage caused by them or the vehicle. Course participants shall be obligated to comply with the safety and accident prevention regulations applicable on the school premises, as well as the rules and regulations applicable there. Use of the Sieber Transport AG facility shall be at your own risk. Sieber Transport AG cannot be held liable for theft or loss of items. 

Education certificate

Participants receive one training certificate per course if the minimum attendance rate of 80% per course has been met. Courses that last one day must be attended 100%, in order to receive a certificate. 

This shall also correspond to the asa regulation for courses in the areas of CZV. 

Program and price changes

We reserve the right to make changes to the program and prices, as well as changes to the General Terms and Conditions. 

Document duplicates

If duplicates are required for course confirmations or ID cards, the Sieber Academy will also be happy to issue these for previous years. A corresponding duplicate and processing fee shall be charged. 

Copyright / Data protection / Confidentiality

Reproduction of the course documents for unauthorized purposes, forwarding, utilization and communication of their content to third parties is not permitted. Infringements shall be subject to the obligation to pay compensation. All personal details and recordings of course participants are stored electronically and only passed on to third parties if necessary. By registering, participants agree that their data may be stored at the Sieber Academy and used for analyses, the creation of duplicate documents and marketing measures. Course instructors and course participants shall be obligated to keep all entrusted data confidential. This shall also apply to the period after termination of the contract. 


These General Terms and Conditions shall be valid for all courses that are held and apply to every course registration. These GTC may be amended at any time. Course participants will be informed of any changes. If no objection is raised within 30 days, the new provisions shall be deemed to have been approved. 


The place of jurisdiction for all legal actions shall be CH-9442 Berneck. Swiss law shall apply. 

Sieber Transport AG c/o Sieber Academy, Musterplatzstrasse 5, CH-9442 Berneck 

Updated on 26.01.2023 

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