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Management Day 2023

Focus on new corporate strategy at this year’s Management Day

The new corporate strategy took centre stage at this year’s Management Day. Goal-oriented discussions, interactive workshops and strategic presentations made this event an extremely insightful experience for all participants.

Strong motivation for the entire team

The Management Day not only provided a wealth of information, but also acted as a powerful motivational factor for the entire team. Our organisation works collectively to implement the company mission and continuously optimise customer satisfaction. It also strives to offer innovative logistics solutions.

A look into the promising future

Management Day 2023 marked another significant step towards a promising future. Our group is pursuing its corporate goals with determination and enthusiasm in order to further consolidate its position as a leading provider of logistics solutions.

Woman with glasses in front of a group of people
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The flourishing economy and population growth are leading to a steady increase in traffic congestion on the Swiss road network. This is also reflected in the congestion statistics from FEDRO (Federal Roads Office). The challenging traffic load has a direct impact on the Sieber truck fleet, for example:

  • Significant loss of productivity due to vehicles stuck in traffic jams
  • Factoring in larger time margins for fixed delivery deadlines
  • Higher fuel consumption due to increased stop-and-go traffic

For these reasons, the Sieber Group charges an industry-standard congestion surcharge for the additional costs incurred. The congestion hours are calculated by Viasuisse AG on behalf of the Federal Roads Office FEDRO and published annually in the annual report “Traffic development and availability of the motorways”. Viasuisse now provides the congestion hours on a monthly basis. For this reason, the Sieber Group will now also update and calculate the congestion surcharge once a month.

Calculation of the congestion index

  • The basis for the calculation is the sum of the congestion hours of the last 12 months (rolling calculation)
  • The congestion surcharge is adjusted and published on a monthly basis
  • The congestion zone lower limit of 0% is not undercut

You can find the Sieber congestion index via the following link: Congestion Index

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