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GOgreen – The sustainable vehicle fleet of the Sieber Group

The Sieber Group continues to set standards in sustainable logistics. As part of our GoGreen initiative, we have significantly expanded our electric vehicle fleet. With a lived sustainability strategy, we take responsibility for our environment and actively engage with a variety of measures.

Advances in electromobility

More than 25 fossil-free vehicles are now available to our customers for various transport orders. Thanks to the different structures, these electric vehicles are ideally suited for a variety of environmentally friendly and CO2-emission-free transport tasks.

Further investments in the existing charging infrastructure are planned for the future – where possible, also in combination with photovoltaics and energy storage. Our plans are to gradually expand the environmentally friendly fleet. Sustainability is a common goal. Green logistics will only be possible if everyone pulls together! We are particularly pleased that our commitment was highlighted in the current issue of Blick Green Circle. Read more about how IKEA relies on environmentally friendly logistics and how we contribute with our electric vehicle fleet: www.blick.ch/green-circle

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A milestone for the Sieber Group, LogisticAigle, Danone Suisse and evian!

Together with our partners LogisticAigle, Danone Suisse and evian, we have reached a milestone: the successful commissioning of the photovoltaic systems on the roof of the LogisticAigle building in Aigle, which is leased by the Sieber Group.

The new photovoltaic systems, consisting of 2,246 solar modules on an area of 4,357 m², will generate around 992,160 kWh per year. This amount of energy corresponds to the annual consumption of around 400 households. This step is crucial for our energy transition as it reduces our dependence on traditional energy sources, minimizes our carbon footprint and ensures stable energy costs.

Sustainability and energy efficiency: Sieber now obtains 50% of its electricity from renewable solar energy, thus meeting high sustainability standards that inspire our customers and improve our environmental footprint.

Partnership successes: As a distributor for Danone Switzerland and the popular evian brand throughout Switzerland, we are making significant progress through sustainable developments from which both brands benefit directly.

Innovative business model: LogisticAigle is increasing the value of its building through Romande Energie’s innovative “Solar Energy Contracting” business model, which is not only environmentally but also economically advantageous.

Sieber is thus sending out a strong signal for sustainable business practices. This is an important step for us and our partners on the way to more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient operations.

Would you like to find out more?

Visit sieber.ch/go-green/ for more information and solutions relating to your own energy transition goals. Let’s continue to drive effective change together!

Click here for the detailed project announcement: Sustainability cooperation.

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Innovative Partnership and Digital Transformation

The world of transportation is undergoing a fundamental shift. Digital transformation is not only changing the way businesses operate but also the expectations and demands of their customers. In this dynamic environment, it is essential to continually evolve to remain competitive and provide top-notch service.

The Sieber Group understands the significance of these changes and is committed to proactively responding to the digital shift. For this reason, we have decided to reevaluate and modernize our transportation planning software. We have extensively explored the latest applications and are proud to have found an innovative solution.

Today, we are pleased to announce the new partnership with Translogica GmbH. This collaboration marks a milestone on our journey toward digital transformation. Together, we will elevate our transportation planning capabilities to a new level and enhance our efficiency to provide an even better service to our customers.

The recently held kick-off meeting was an inspiring starting point for our partnership. In a dynamic and interactive environment, our teams jointly defined goals, exchanged expectations, and established a clear project timeline. This collaboration not only promises innovative development but also a customer-centric solution that meets the evolving demands of our industry. We are confident that this advancement with the new solution and the industry expertise of Translogica GmbH will be of great benefit not only to us but also to our customers. The future of transportation is digital, and we are ready to be at the forefront in providing outstanding services to our customers.

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Sieber Acquires Majority Shareholding in ATS Air Transport Service AG

On January 18, 2024, the Sieber Group acquired the majority of shares of ATS in Kloten. This acquisition aims to strengthen the physical handling of air freight shipments to and from Switzerland.

A Tradition of Quality and Innovation
In 1948, four freight forwarding pioneers established a joint company with the goal of optimizing the handling of air freight shipments in import and export to gain a competitive advantage. ATS has maintained this commitment to quality and innovation to this day.

Strengthening Competitiveness through Acquisition
By acquiring the majority shares of ATS, the Sieber Group gains significant competitive advantages and can now offer its customers an expanded range of professional solutions. The Sieber Group already possesses comprehensive handling expertise and a powerful transport network for BAZL-certified air freight road transport.

Continuity and Service for First-Class Performance
ATS currently employs around 50 staff at two locations in Kloten. The dedicated team will continue to contribute to ATS’s provision of neutral and first-class services. As a result, customers and partners can continue to rely on the usual quality and first-class service.

Shaping Attractive Air Freight Solutions
Together, we are shaping attractive air freight solutions for shippers and freight forwarders and look forward to supporting existing and new customers with outstanding services.

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Management Day 2023

Focus on new corporate strategy at this year’s Management Day

The new corporate strategy took centre stage at this year’s Management Day. Goal-oriented discussions, interactive workshops and strategic presentations made this event an extremely insightful experience for all participants.

Strong motivation for the entire team

The Management Day not only provided a wealth of information, but also acted as a powerful motivational factor for the entire team. Our organisation works collectively to implement the company mission and continuously optimise customer satisfaction. It also strives to offer innovative logistics solutions.

A look into the promising future

Management Day 2023 marked another significant step towards a promising future. Our group is pursuing its corporate goals with determination and enthusiasm in order to further consolidate its position as a leading provider of logistics solutions.

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Sieber Logistics Vienna goes “Brotfabrik”

Your new location for customised logistics solutions in Vienna.

We are pleased to inform you that Sieber Logistics GmbH can now be found at a new location to offer you even better logistics solutions. Our new location is located at the following address:

Sieber Logistics GmbH
Absberggasse 31 / Top 5
A-1100 Wien

Our phone numbers and e-mail addresses remained unchanged, ensuring that you can still reach us at our new location.

Our Managing Director Günter Watzl and the dedicated Sieber Logistics team will continue supporting you with customised logistics solutions.

Visit us at our new location

You are invited to visit us at our new location to discover the expanded capabilities of our services. At Sieber Logistics, we strive to inspire our customers with first-class logistics solutions. We focus on innovation, reliability and customer satisfaction to best fulfil your requirements.

For more information or to arrange an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us today to find out more about our logistics solutions.

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New customs office in Chiasso

We are pleased to inform you that we have relocated to Chiasso.
To ensure that we can continue to provide our services in the best possible way, we have decided to transfer our operations from in Balerna to Chiasso. You can now locate us at the customs office in Chiasso.

Our new contact details are as follows:
Sieber Transport SA
Via Maestri Comachini 7
6830 Chiasso

Tel. +41 (0)91 695 10 00

Your contact persons and telephone numbers remain unchanged.

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The flourishing economy and population growth are leading to a steady increase in traffic congestion on the Swiss road network. This is also reflected in the congestion statistics from FEDRO (Federal Roads Office). The challenging traffic load has a direct impact on the Sieber truck fleet, for example:

  • Significant loss of productivity due to vehicles stuck in traffic jams
  • Factoring in larger time margins for fixed delivery deadlines
  • Higher fuel consumption due to increased stop-and-go traffic

For these reasons, the Sieber Group charges an industry-standard congestion surcharge for the additional costs incurred. The congestion hours are calculated by Viasuisse AG on behalf of the Federal Roads Office FEDRO and published annually in the annual report “Traffic development and availability of the motorways”. Viasuisse now provides the congestion hours on a monthly basis. For this reason, the Sieber Group will now also update and calculate the congestion surcharge once a month.

Calculation of the congestion index

  • The basis for the calculation is the sum of the congestion hours of the last 12 months (rolling calculation)
  • The congestion surcharge is adjusted and published on a monthly basis
  • The congestion zone lower limit of 0% is not undercut

You can find the Sieber congestion index via the following link: Congestion Index

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